Designed for fractured shalescoalbed methane reservoirs, and tight gas sands, PMTx software provides
reservoir engineering input for optimization decisions at a fast "well-factory" pace.

PMTx quickly and easily forecasts production
from unconventional wells under various completion and stimulation scenarios, including horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracture treatments.

It is common to commingle production from multiple producing intervals, each with different permeability, thickness, fracture length and fracture conductivity.
PMTx software can be used to automatically history match actual production data and production log results to estimate the properties and productive potential of individual layers.

PMTx results can be used to estimate reserves, forecast production rates, determine reservoir properties, evaluate stimulation effectiveness, and select optimum completion methods.

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PMTx Version 2.0 was released on August 8, 2010.


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US Patent 7,369,979

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PMTx 2.0 multilayer tight gas simulator
_PMTx 2.0

Models horizontal wells with multi-
stage fracs, pressure-dependent perm!

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