PMTx 2.0 multilayer tight gas simulator
What PMTx is NOT

- PMTx is NOT a 3-D model and is therefore not a replacement for Eclipse or similar finite difference reservoir simulators. You will still need such a tool for detailed investigation of full field, long term, reservoir performance and field development planning issues.

- PMTx is NOT a multi-phase model for investigation of combined oil, gas, and water flow in the reservoir.

- PMTx is NOT an ideal tool to model the dewatering phase of CBM wells, since it is a single phase model.

PMTx is an unconventional gas reservoir simulator designed to quickly and easily model single well, single phase, multi-zone, gas production based on reservoir performance under specified well completion scenarios. PMTx is a powerful analytical tool that nicely fills the gap between Excel and Eclipse; it is NOT a universal solution for every reservoir problem.

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